I am launching Organic systems this month in addition to already having Phyto botanicals….

This month I have added organic color systems to my business. This is for the client looking for 100 % organic products to use on their hair. Many of us take the time to eat organic, use and support organic products & solutions. This line takes color into the future, and finally gives you a product comparable with existing professional lines. I have watched Organic systems for over a year now and believe it is the best option on the market. I am excited for those of you interested in Organic systems and look forward to working with you.

XO Carey

Since 1990, thousands of salons in over 40 countries have experienced the fantastic flexibility and benefits of the original ammonia-free, oil-delivered permanent hair color system.

All of our Organic lines are made with the best natural and certified organic ingredients to protect and nourish your clients’ hair. They are 100% FREE of Ammonia, Parabens, Plastics, Resorcinol and Thioglycolates! Plus, they contain no animal products, are never tested on animals, and are certified by PETA.

Gone are the dangerous chemicals that can cause health issues which could be career ending! Organic Color Systems gives a safer, more pleasant salon experience that results in healthier, more lustrous hair. It all adds up to beautiful color without the nasty side effects.


Published by Carey L Thompson

sa.lon noun A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of a host, held partly to amuse one another, and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation "either to please or to educate". Finding Everyday Beauty is an extension of this. An online salon with the emphasis of finding real everyday beauty in all of us, and having fun doing it! I will show you styles that I hope will inspire you to try them on your own, or with me at the salon. I will answer questions, as well as update you on new trends, services, promotions, schedule changes, and much much more. You can always find me through the site, or feel free to get in touch via email! Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoy! XO Carey "Life begins where fear ends." — Osho

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