And we all love shiny hair.

 An absolute addition to your arsenal of hair care products and it’s for for everyone.  Mythic oil line has won many beauty reviews but this new addition is seriously fun and those shimmers add a nuance golden shine to the hair and we all love and want shiny hair. This lightweight product does the job ofContinue reading “And we all love shiny hair.”

Summer Hair Afterlife.

As your tan fades and fall approaches, chances are your sun-streaked summer hair could use a little TLC. Follow these steps and you’ll make autumn the season of gorgeous hair days. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize Summer hair damage isn’t going to just repair itself, treat parched manes with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner.Continue reading “Summer Hair Afterlife.”

Hair Language

We have all witnessed the affect of body language in ourselves or in others.  Our posture, stance and facial expression are just another form we communicate to others how we feel.  I came across this amazing Ted video that discusses how these simple expressions and stances actually influence our bodies chemistry. I relate this unscientifically toContinue reading “Hair Language”

Wedding love with Vera Wang

Coral , blushes , and violet colors all walked the runway yesterday at the Vera Wang wedding show.  I was there doing hair for the models … what a great day, a great event, and amazing talent.  So fun to be there the flower inspired dresses that fit and move on women perfectly, there isContinue reading “Wedding love with Vera Wang”


The weekend is here.  Whether your weekend is about food, conversation, friends, a glamorous night out or simple downtime.   Here are some looks that feel great for the still very wintry weekend. Also some great brunch recommendations from this blog Guest of a Guest You will love them all. Stay warm, enjoy.Continue reading “WEEKEND LOVE.”

A snow day to hydrate.

I get asked a lot what are the best conditioners out there. I always say, it depends on the season and your hair.  Like your skin, your hair routine should vary with the weather.  I recommend having three shampoos and conditioners you love.  Why? Because that product that you loved and was working great either plateauedContinue reading “A snow day to hydrate.”

Why Organic hair color?

The past year working with Organic systems has been great.  So Im reposting information about this line.  This year at the end of February  I am adding hair extensions a great way to change your look, add volume, or just for the fun of it! I love the results and feed back I get fromContinue reading “Why Organic hair color?”

Tell it like it is.

It’s all about hair today, even nose hair.  If you have it which we all do you should consider waxing it away.  As my esthetician said it’s a must for every women,  & I agree.  When I had this done it was virtually pain free, lasted for months this varies person to person.  I lovedContinue reading “Tell it like it is.”

How to & last minute party looks.

Here are a few last minute looks and how to get them for the holiday weekend.  Give it a try they are all easy to do.  Good luck and have a great weekend! XO Carey


December is here the month of parties, this week I will be posting lots of ideas for your hair and style inspirations for the holidays. Today is about accessories for the hair. They can be great, try anything a headband, flower, bow, or ornaments.  They are fun fresh and can make a gorgeous look. XOContinue reading “HOLIDAY STYLE.”

Long and Layered inspiration.

Loosen up long hair with these layers create shape, style, & give a complete change to your look. Beautiful heavy layers bordering on a fringe in the first photo.  These layers are a real game changer to long boring hair.  The second photo is perfect for any hair texture curly to straight, adding lots ofContinue reading “Long and Layered inspiration.”

Why The Blog ?

Hello, Thanks for checking out my blog! Finding Everyday Beauty was created with my valued clients in mind. But it’s for everyone! A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of a host, held partly to amuse one another, to refine the taste, and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation … either to pleaseContinue reading “Why The Blog ?”