Why Organic hair color?

The past year working with Organic systems has been great.  So Im reposting information about this line.  This year at the end of February  I am adding hair extensions a great way to change your look, add volume, or just for the fun of it! I love the results and feed back I get fromContinue reading “Why Organic hair color?”

Weekend love.

I hope you have an awesome Memorial Day & weekend.  Hopefully you are headed out-of-town, hanging out with friends or just relaxing.   Today is my last day at the salon for the week and I’m looking forward to letting my hair down with some girlfriends. As America celebrates Memorial Day, we pay tribute toContinue reading “Weekend love.”

To the women who make it happen.

Cheers & Happy Mother’s Day to the beautiful strong women who share their bodies, hearts, and minds to create and care for so many. Don’t forget to pamper yourself and enjoy your loved ones. I hope you have a beautiful weekend. XO Carey As my  gift to you mention this blog  &  get a kerastaseContinue reading “To the women who make it happen.”

Man Style

Oh yes, sideburns have no boundaries.  Race car drivers, politicians, comedians, musicians, athletes, and heart throbs alike sport this look. I’m not sure which one I like the best, but they all get points for the super manly quality added to their hairstyle by working the burns. Life is too short to be little.  Man is neverContinue reading “Man Style”

A one dimensional view.

Mirror mirror on the wall… Your friend and/or your enemy. After years of watching clients sit in my chair, talk about their hair, their frustrations with it, the things they like, don’t like or don’t want to change. There is always a moment when you notice how a person sees themselves in a one-dimensional mirror.Continue reading “A one dimensional view.”


I love the weekend. Let your hair blow in the wind. Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. ~Oprah Winfrey